Stock chart analysis software with an edge

Beautiful charts, automated technical analysis, powerful backtesting and dynamic alerts

The world's most powerful charting platform - and so much more

TrendSpider is one-of-a-kind automated technical analysis tool that uses cloud-based AI and smart UX to help analysts and traders find, plan and time their trades better. It automates away the grunt work, reduces errors, improves accuracy, and helps you see what you're missing.

  • Beautiful & modern

    An enterprise-class, full featured, modern stock chart platform designed by traders, for traders. TrendSpider charts are what all stock charts should be like.

  • All-in-one, one-for-all

    TrendSpider is more than just charts. It's a complete toolkit that has everything you need to be a smarter, faster, more efficient technical trader.

  • Real-time

    Real-time stock, crypto and/or forex data is included with your plan. Unlike other platforms, there is no need to pay separately for data feeds.

  • Easy-to-use

    Technical analysis tools and chart reading software designed to be fast and easy for you to use, so you can make informed trading decisions quickly.

  • Bleeding-edge

    These are not your father's charts. Patent-pending smart charts can analyze and monitor themselves - totally unlike anything you've experienced before.

  • Customizable

    Charting software that learns your style of analysis, not the other way around. Everything, from the colors to the analysis algorithms, can be customized.

  • Award-winning

    TrendSpider was awarded "Most Innovative Charting Platform" by Liberated Stock Trader, as well as many other accolades from other trading experts.

  • Free support & training

    1-on-1 training and customer service included. We're always just a chat or call away to help when you need it - from customization to using, just ask.

Real-time data
Markets &


900+ Forex

Smart technology that gives you an advantage in the markets

TrendSpider puts analysis, backtesting and chart watching on autopilot so you can make faster and more consistent trading decisions - just without the eyestrain, guesswork and frustration.

Save time by automating the grunt work

Stop squinting and guessing. Use TrendSpider's automated smart algorithms and cloud-based AI to save you time and frustration by performing objective technical analysis for you. Get on-demand results in seconds on any chart.

Reduce and eliminate profit-killing analysis mistakes

Analysis mistakes and human errors are one of the leading contributors to poor trading performance. TrendSpider cuts mistakes down by learning your style of analysis, then applying it with mathematical precision every time.

Instantly backtest your strategies before trading

The strategy that works on one chart might not work on another. Before diving in, use TrendSpider's easy-to-use backtesting engine to test out how your strategy would have worked out in the past.

Effortlessly monitor charts for complex setups

Combine your favorite indicators, timeframes, chart patterns, and more to create 'mega-alerts' designed to detect your ideal setups and trading conditions. No programming. This is how the pros do it.

Never miss an important price movement again

Visually select any indicator, trendline or price level of interest, and TrendSpider's cloud-based AI will keep an eye on and let you know when there is a touch, bounce or break through that matches your parameters.

... and do it all your way, with incredible speed and consistency.

Once you configure TrendSpider, it will follow your rules to a T - 100% of the time, so you can focus on what really matters: moving fast, covering lots of ground, and making smarter, more efficient trading decisions.

All the tools you need to guess & stress less

TrendSpider has everything you need to make smart, efficient technical trading decisions in one slick, easy-to-use platform. From backtesting to chart monitoring, we've got you covered with the most powerful and innovative technology available to active traders today.

Automated Technical Analysis

Outsource your grunt work to our smart algorithms

Save time and frustration with TrendSpider’s automated technical analysis. Our smart charts analyze and watch themselves using powerful algorithms, giving you time to breathe. We apply charting rules consistently, every time.

Fully automated, AI-powered technical analysis capabilities

  • Automatic trendline detection
  • Automatic fibonacci measurements
  • Candlestick pattern recognition
  • S/R Heatmap visualization
  • Breakout detection
  • Price gap detection
  • Multi-Timeframe Analysis

More efficient than eyeballing charts

TrendSpider is the most efficient way to improve your trading. Compared to manual analysis, automation can process charts and detect trends faster and with greater accuracy.

Multi-Timeframe Analysis

See trends and patterns other traders miss with MTFA

See the forest. And the trees. All at once. Multi-timeframe analysis brings it all into view: from hidden trendlines to support and resistance zones. No other platform even comes close.

Overlay multi-timeframe comparisons on

  • Automated trendlines
  • Manual annotations and trendlines
  • Overlay indicators (moving averages, etc)
  • Lower indicators (MACD, RSI, etc.)
  • Fibonaccis
  • Candlestick patterns

Dynamic Alerts & Multi-Factor Alerts

Smart alerts that watch your charts for you - from the cloud

Alerts unlike anything else on the market—and we're not ones to exaggerate.

Dynamic Alerts

Right-click on any trendline or indicator to set an alert on it

Dynamic Price Alerts (patent pending) monitor charts the same way you would: waiting for confirmation and candlesticks to close, watching for specific events (including bounces, touches, breakthroughs, and more), and lighting up when actions align with your criteria.

Multi-Factor Alerts

Define a complex criteria using a simple, visual interface

Multi-factor Alerts (patent pending) are the next generation of TrendSpider’s capabilities. Stop being faked out by errant candlestick wicks; these customizable alerts follow multiple trigger criteria at once, notifying you only when the specific component of your logical criteria is met. Once your alert is customized, you can use it on as many symbols as you want.

Powered by artificial intelligence and smart algorithms designed to mimic a human trader

These are not the price alerts you are used to. For one, TrendSpider alerts never need to be manually adjusted once they’re created. Set it, and forget it. They will automatically follow the slope of your trendline or waveform of your indicator until you decide it’s time to stop. Alert sensitivity can be adjusted to match your preferred price proximity, giving you unprecedented control over how your alerts behave.

Cloud-based system means that your alerts never skip a beat - even if your ISP does

  • Enterprise data feeds directly connected to the alert system
  • Can monitor any combination of indicators, trendlines, candlesticks, price, volume action in real-time
  • Design & deploy alerts without programming skills using a simple, visual interface
  • Control alert sensitivity and confirmation timeframes to reduce fake-outs and false alarms
  • Receive instant notifications via SMS, email and in-app alert

Beautiful Charts

Charts without compromises - all the bells & whistles + more

TrendSpider's core foundation is a full featured, highly robust charting platform. Switching to TrendSpider means getting the world's most advanced technology while making no compromises.

Beautiful, modern, responsive stock charts. The way it should be.

  • Full featured enterprise-grade candlestick charts
  • Real-time market data
  • Dynamic watch lists
  • Built in drawing and annotation tools
  • All the indicators and features you expect from a commercial platform
  • And much, much more...

Strategy Tester Backtesting

Test any strategy against any chart to see if it would have worked - or not

TrendSpider's industry-leading backtesting engine allows you to test any trading strategy on any chart against historical data to see how it might have performed in the past. If see something that you like, quickly turn any backtest into a Multi-Factor alert. TrendSpider will let you know next time the same conditions appear on the same chart.

Backtesting system capabilities

  • Test any indicator, price, candle or volume based strategy on any chart
  • High-speed analysis generates results in seconds
  • Supports a wide range of timeframes from 1min to monthly
  • Compares performance against the market, buy-and-hold
  • Provides potential performance ranges
  • Convert any backtest into a Multi-Factor alert in seconds so you know the moment your entry or exit conditions occur on any symbol

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the most common questions we get asked

The first 7 days are free. Then prices range from $27 per month to $99 per month, depending on the plan and pre-payment term you select. The longer you pre-pay, the cheaper it gets. For full details about our pricing, please visit our pricing information page.

TrendSpider is designed to be customized to match any trading style. Our users range from forex scalpers, to long-term buy-and-hold equity investors, to non-trading market analysts, to intraday options traders. The platform is flexible enough to match any style of trading or market analysis.

We've got you covered - from free 1-on-1 training to an extensive video library, we've built the resources you need to be successful with the software.

No. TrendSpider is not a trading platform. It is a stand-alone chart analysis, backtesting and alerting system that you use side-by-side with your trading terminal.

No. And being entirely candid, anyone who claims to do this, probably isn't as good as they say they are. If someone had a magic formula for trading, they wouldn't share it with anyone for any amount. TrendSpider is software designed to help you make smarter decisions - it's not intended to make them for you.

Every TrendSpider account receives real-time market data for the asset classes it supports free of additional charge. No extra fees, no exchange fees, just one price that includes everything.

TrendSpider supports all US equities (traded on NASDAQ, NYSE and AMEX), OTC/Pink sheet equities, 900+ Forex Pairs and 300+ Crypto Pairs. We do not currently support international equities or US futures and options contracts. For details on market coverage, please visit our market data overview page.

TrendSpider is designed to be used by new and experienced users alike. It's flexible. But, we are a software vendor and we do not teach any trading strategies. That said, we've got some great partners who offer trading education. For more information, and to find a TrendSpider Certified Partner, please visit our certified partner directory page.

TrendSpider is fundamentally different. Most charting platforms give you tools to do all the work by hand. TrendSpider learns your analysis style, then uses AI and algorithms to automate most of that grunt work, so you can move through charts faster and with better accuracy. It can handle everything from finding trendlines and detecting candlestick patterns to backtesting and chart monitoring -- all done for you, your way.

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