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The world's most powerful charting software - and so much more

Smart tools designed to help you make smarter trading decisions

TrendSpider is one-of-a-kind charting and technical analysis tool that uses cloud-based AI to help traders find, plan, and time their trades with greater efficiency and precision. It automates the grunt work, reduces risk, improves accuracy, and helps you see what you're missing.

  • Beautiful and modern

    An enterprise-class, full featured, modern stock chart platform designed by traders, for traders. TrendSpider charts are what all stock charts should be like.

  • All-in-one, one-for-all

    TrendSpider is more than just charts. It's a complete toolkit that has everything you need to be a smarter, faster, more efficient technical trader.

  • Real-time

    Real-time stock, crypto, and forex data is included with your plan. Unlike other platforms, there is no need to pay separately for data feeds.

  • Easy-to-use

    Technical analysis tools and chart reading software designed to be fast and easy for you to use, so you can make informed trading decisions quickly.

  • Bleeding edge

    These are not your father's charts. TrendSpider is the future, today. Put the power of cloud-based algorithms and AI behind your trading decisions.

  • Born on the web

    TrendSpider is a 100% web-based cloud platform. You can access it from anywhere, using any web browser. There is no software to download or install.

  • Award-winning

    TrendSpider was awarded "Most Innovative Charting Platform" by Liberated Stock Trader, as well as many other accolades from other trading experts.

  • Free support and training

    1-on-1 training and customer service included. We're always just a chat or call away to help when you need it - from customization to using, just ask.

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Beautiful charts - with the brains to match

These are not your father's charts. Built by traders, for traders, it's the only charting platform specifically designed to make finding, planning and executing technical trades faster and more efficient.

Save time, reduce errors, and improve efficiency

TrendSpider is the only charting platform on the market designed specifically to enhance the abilities of technical analysts and traders. Our charts automate the grunt work, make it easier to spot hidden patterns and trends, and save you time. Best of all, unlike other charting platforms, TrendSpider is designed to reduce the amount of time you spend staring at charts, so you can spend more time doing what you love - trading.

Everything you need and expect in a charting platform - and so much more

  • Real-time market data + historical data
  • 1 minute to 1 month timeframes
  • 100% web based - no software to download
  • Easy-to-use, fast, and responsive interface
  • Customizable colors and appearance
  • Integrated smart watch lists
  • Drawing and annotation tools
  • Measurement tools and Fibonacci
  • Logarithmic and traditional scales
  • And much, much more...

No compromises - access all your favorite chart types + TrendSpider proprietary visualizations

  • Line Charts
  • Japanese Candlesticks
  • Hollow Candlesticks
  • Price Bars
  • Heiken Ashi
  • Raindrop Charts™ (learn more)
  • Heatmaps for depth, trends and horizontal support/resistance

Automated Technical Analysis

Technology designed to help you guess and stress, less

Save time and frustration with TrendSpider’s AI-powered automated technical analysis capabilities. Our smart charts analyze and watch themselves using powerful, cloud-based algorithms, math, and machine learning, giving you time to breathe.

Smart charts that automate the grunt work of trading

Replace subjective manual analysis with objective automated analysis to accelerate your analysis, reduce the potential for errors, and improve the quality of your trading decisions.

  • Automatic trendline detection
  • Automatic Fibonacci
  • Breakout detection
  • Instant candlestick pattern recognition
  • Support and resistance detection
  • Price islands and gap detection

Reduce mistakes, save time, and eliminate guesswork

Stop drawing and re-drawing trendlines over and over. Stop flipping back and forth between different timeframes. Stop squinting at charts trying to identify meaningful patterns. Let our cloud-based AI do the grunt work for you, your way. See how in this quick explainer video.

It's faster and more efficient than manual analysis

Stop manually eyeballing charts, hoping that you didn't miss anything. There is a better way. TrendSpider's automated analysis functionality is one of the most efficient ways to improve your trading. Compared to manual analysis, automation can process charts and detect trends faster and with greater accuracy.

Multi-Timeframe Analysis

Identify trends and patterns that other traders miss

See the forest. And the trees. All at once. Multi-timeframe analysis brings it all into view: from hidden trendlines to support and resistance zones. No other platform even comes close.

Combine data from two timeframes on one chart automatically

Long-term trends impact short-term price action. Thus, being able to adapt data from multiple timeframes in your analysis is critical to successfully identifying meaningful trends on charts. TrendSpider makes it easy with native multi-timeframe analysis capabilities. Simply turn it on (click on MTFA) and select your second timeframe. TrendSpider's algorithms will do all the heavy lifting.

Multi-Timeframe Analysis supports a wide-range of technical analysis tools

  • Trendlines
  • Fibonacci levels
  • Manual drawings
  • Indicators (SMAs, EMAs, VWAPs, etc.)
  • Lower indicators (Oscillators, RSI, Williams %R, MACD, etc.)
  • Speciality indicators (Alphatrends Anchored VWAP)
  • Supported out-of-the-box by TrendSpider Dynamic Price Alerts and Multi-Factor Alerts


Test your strategies with historical data before risking your capital

TrendSpider's industry-leading backtesting engine allows you to test any trading strategy on any chart against historical data to see how it might have performed in the past. If see something that you like, quickly turn any backtest into a Multi-Factor alert. TrendSpider will let you know next time the same conditions appear on the same chart.

Test and validate your strategies and check for historical edge, without risking a penny

Backtesting is not just for big banks and hedge funds anymore. Leverage the same technology used to design, test and verify strategies by the best traders in the world - effortlessly - from your TrendSpider account. Best of all, it's fully integrated into your TrendSpider charts, so there are no other tools to buy or learn.

Backtesting system capabilities

  • Easy-to-use visual interface; no programming skills required
  • Integrated directly into charts - no separate tools to use
  • Works on all major timeframes: from 1 min to monthly
  • Flexible conditions can be as complex or simple as needed
  • Set conditions around indicators, price, patterns and volume
  • Control the details like trade price to how far back to look
  • Compare strategy performance against buy-and-hold
  • Instant backtesting on every symbol you pull up with results loading concurrently with your charts
  • Download detailed trade logs with timestamps and prices
  • Convert any backtest condition into an alert with one click - so you know the moment it happens next


Let the market come to you with our patent-pending dynamic chart alerts

TrendSpider alerts are truly unlike anything else on the market. Visually configure alerts on any trendline, indicator or fibonacci level - or create a complex set of criteria using any technical factors and timeframes you can dream of. No programming or technical knowledge required.

Create alerts on any indicator, trendline or Fibonacci level - just right click on it

Dynamic Price Alerts (patent pending) monitor charts the same way you would: visually. They will wait for confirmation, watch for specific events (like bounces and breakout), and alert you when up when trigger events happen.

  • Trigger on a candle interaction, such as a touch, bounce or breakthrough, with a selected price level, such as an indicator, Fibonacci level or trendline
  • Optional buffer zone zones around each alert line allows for sensitivity control
  • Native multi-timeframe capability allows alerts to trigger from a secondary timeframe

Build alerts for complex technical criteria without learning to write code

Multi-factor Alerts (patent pending) are the next generation of TrendSpider’s capabilities. Stop being faked out by errant candlestick wicks; these customizable alerts follow multiple trigger criteria at once, notifying you only when the specific component of your logical criteria is met. Once your alert is customized, you can use it on as many symbols as you want.

  • Simple and easy-to-use. No programming required
  • Highly flexible: mix-and-match any technical criteria (indicators, price, volume, patterns, etc.) from up to 5 timeframes in one alert

Receive instant notifications on via SMS, e-mail and in-app popup window

When your technical conditions are met you will instantly receive an alert via SMS text message, e-mail, and in-app notifications. Since TrendSpider alerts live in the cloud, it doesn't matter if you even have the system open on your computer. Each alert is checked against the market up to 9,000 times per day to ensure fast and accurate notifications.

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