Here's how automated technical analysis works

Crunch more charts, faster, with greater accuracy by letting our algorithms help.

The Fastest & Eastest Way to Find Actionable Trade Setups

Follow this recommended workflow for best results when using TrendSpider

Upload your
watch list
Flip through your
symbols and glance
at the automated
analysis of each one
Create a Dynamic
Price Alert
Look for interesting setups in the charts Right click on trend
lines and indicators
you like

Advantage 1:

Comprehensive, fully automated technical analysis on any chart in under 60 seconds means you don't have to spend 30 minutes on each one eyeballing it for patterns.

Advantage 2:

When your analysis is powered by algorithms and mathematical formulas, not "expert opinions" or "gut feelings", it's not subject to the same biases that cause you to mess up.

Advantage 3:
Trade timing

By setting up Dynamic Price Alerts on trendlines & indicators you like, you can divert your attention away from your charts without risking missing out on your opportunity to trade.

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