Automated technical analysis features & benefits

TrendSpider is designed to help you spend less time staring at charts, and more time trading.

Smart charts that analyze themselves

Automated Technical Analysis

Smart charts that analyze & watch themselves using powerful algorithms that do all the heavy lifting for you. Automated analysis removes bias, emotion, and human error while applying charting rules consistently every time.

Automatic Trendline Detection

Smart algorithms automatically identify and draw all meaningful trendlines for you in seconds, so you don’t have to spend time eyeballing for them manually. All detection settings can be fully customized by the user to match any trading style. This is a TrendSpider Exclusive feature.

Automatic Fibonacci Retracements

Smart algorithms automatically find the most relevant peak and trough and automatically calculate the Fibonacci retracement levels for that move.

Automated Candlestick Pattern Detection

Smart algorithms that can detect and highlight over 40 different candlestick patterns on your charts instantly with mathematical precision, including:

3 Black Crows, 4 Green Candles, Abandoned Baby, Advance Block, Belt Hold, Counterattack, Dark Cloud Cover, Dragon Fly, Engulfing, Evening Doji Star, Evening Star, Gap Three Methods, Gravestone Doji, Hammer, Hanging Man, Harami, Harami Cross, High Wave, Homing Pigeon, In Neck, Inverted Hammer, Kicker, Long Shadow, Marubozu, Mat Hold, Morning Doji Star, Morning Star, On Neck, Piercing Pattern, Separating Lines, Shooting Star, Short Shadow, Side by Side White Gap, Spinning Top, Stalled, Stick Sandwich, Tasuki Gap, Three Methods, Three Soldiers, Thrusting, Tristar, Upside Gap, Two Crows

Automatic Breakout Detection

Algorithms automatically highlights the exact point on breaks out of its previous trend with mathematical precision in seconds for you.

Support & Resistance Visualizations

Visualize trendline support & resistance on an innovative, proprietary heatmap. The darker the red, the more trends price has to fight through, the more likely there will be some form of stalling, consolidation or reversal in that area. This is a TrendSpider Exclusive feature.

Manual Trendline Tuning Mode

See the entire forest, and zoom in on some of the trees. With Manual Tuning Mode you can take control of TrendSpider’s algorithms and customize its analysis in seconds on any chart or timeframe.

Automated Price Gap Detection

Configure the size of a price gap to identify, and TrendSpider will automatically take that into account in its analysis and highlight these changes in price action.

Automated Chart Pattern Detection

Coming Soon. Smart algorithms that can identify developing and complete complex price action formations, such as the Cup & Handle and Head & Shoulders patterns.

See the trends other traders miss

Automated Multi-Timeframe Analysis

Ground-breaking capabilities like Multi-Timeframe Analysis will change how you look at your charts forever. See the forest AND the trees. Spot hidden trendlines, identify support & resistance zones, all in milliseconds. There is nothing else even close.

Instant Multi-Timeframe Analysis & Trading

Compare two time frames on one chart to visualize obscure but powerful price trends from other timeframes that most other traders miss because they aren’t looking.

Multi-Timeframe Trendlines

Time shift trendlines from one timeframe onto a different timeframe chart and set alerts based on short term price interactions with long term trendlines. This is a TrendSpider Exclusive feature - no other platform has anything that even comes close.

Multi-Timeframe Overlay Indicators

Use many of your favorite indicators with a powerful twist: time shift them with Multi-Timeframe Analysis and see how longer term indicators impact shortterm price action. This is a TrendSpider Exclusive feature - no other platform has anything that even comes close.

Multi-Timeframe Fibonacci Retracements

Similar to indicators, TrendSpider supports Fibonacci Retracements with Multi-Timeframe Analysis so you can see how short term price action is responding to long term fib levels. This is a TrendSpider Exclusive feature - no other platform has anything that even comes close.

Multi-Timeframe Analysis on Lower Indicators

One of our most powerful capabilities, Multi-Timeframe Analysis on Lower Indicators allows you to create slow and fast overlays in all your favorite lower indicators, including RSI, MACD, and more. This is a TrendSpider Exclusive feature - no other platform has anything that even comes close.

Time your trades better

Automated Dynamic Price Alerts

Select any indicator or trendline and TrendSpider will watch it for you - on any timeframe you choose. Get SMS alerts on breach, bounce or touch, and more. Stop standing at attention all day, staring at charts. Let software and algorithms do the hard work for you.

Alerts on Trendlines & Indicators

Right click on any trendline or indicator on any chart to create a Dynamic Price Alert. The alert will follow the movement of the trendline or indicator, and will never need to be adjusted, no matter where it moves before price finally interacts.

Alert Trigger Conditions

Dynamic Price Alerts will fire when price Touches, Breaks or Bounces from a pre-selected indicator or trendline on any chart, based on the timeframe of the candlestick closing condition selected by the user.

Built-in Candlestick Confirmation on Any Timeframe

TrendSpider can watch for how candlesticks behave around key price levels, and not the price levels themselves. Imagine smart alerts that go off when a 5 minute candlestick bounces or breaks out of a daily trendline on one chart, or when the 1 minute price breaks through the 60 minute 200 SMA on another. The possibilities are endless.

Instant Alert Notifications

Receive notifications via SMS or E-mail when your alerts fire. Optionally, configure ‘quiet hours’ when you don’t want to be bothered by price action alerts.

Enterprise-Grade Alert Engine

TrendSpider is powered by redundant enterprise-grade real-time market data feeds, as a result, alerts are triggered instantly when the firing conditions are met. Alerts monitor price action multiple times per second in order to provide the fastest possible reaction time.

Sensitivity Control on Trendline & Indicator Alerts

In this new feature, you can control how close price gets to your selected Trendlines and Indicators before alerts go off in a simple, visual way. Because price often gets close but does not exactly touch, this gives you the ability to get an alert that other traders would miss.

Matches your trading style

Customize Analysis & Interface

TrendSpider most flexible platform for automated technical analysis ever built. You are free to customize everything, from the interface, to the charts, to the automated analysis settings. Tune the platform to analyze charts the way you would do it by hand, in minutes.

Fully Customizable Analysis Rules

Customize how TrendSpider analyzes charts to fit your own personal trading system. Customize the variables used in automated technical analysis. Even customize the type of candlestick you want to use. TrendSpider is here to assist you when trading no matter how you prefer your charts be setup!

Smart & Custom Watch Lists

Smart watch lists for the SPX, Forex, Crypto and other currencies, or the ability to upload your own watch list in seconds. Once loaded up, watch lists can be easily navigated with the users keyboard up & down arrows.

Customize Trendline Scoring System

TrendSpider’s trendline detection algorithms can be configured to look for any type of trendline you need: Longer, shorter, intersect or peripheral to price action, number of bounces and breaches, and more.

Customize Charts & Interface Theme

Customize the interface of the platform to suite your trading style. Like dark charts? Light charts? Retro charts? Single chart or multiple? The choice is yours. Display up to four charts at once, remove side panels, and customize the indicators and annotations on any chart individually, including up to two timeframes per chart when Multi-Timeframe Analysis is enabled.

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