Live software demo webinars

TrendSpider helps you analyze charts more consistently and time trades better as setups materialize. But don’t take our word for it. Watch one of our regular live demo webinars to see for yourself.

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Live demos are held regularly every week. Just choose the time that works best for you.

Interactive (and Personal)

To ensure your questions are fully addressed, we limit our demos to a select number of participants.

Short (but Sweet)

You won’t be dragged into a sales pitch. Since every second you spend with us is a moment less of trading, our demos are focused entirely on the software.

Live (never recorded)

We perform demos using real charts and real live market conditions—so you can truly watch TrendSpider in action.

Not a Sales Pitch

We believe TrendSpider speaks for itself. The demos focus on features and capabilities - not slick sales pitches.

1-on-1 training available

Start a trial account now & get 1-on-1 software training from one of our expert traders.

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