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Press Release: TrendSpider Announces Dynamic Chart Monitoring & Price Alerts

CHICAGO, IL — TrendSpider, a Chicago-based Fintech startup announced today that it has launched Dynamic Chart Monitoring & Alerts. With Dynamic Chart Monitoring, traders can instruct TrendSpider to automatically monitor any trendline or indicator for them, and alert them when price touches, breaches or bounces from it. Unlike other price alerts, TrendSpider can follow the waveform of a moving average or the slope of a trendline without manual adjustment of any kind. Set it and forget it. 

Best Practices: Our Recommended TrendSpider Workflow for Traders to Scan for Trade Opportunities

TrendSpider is an incredibly flexible tool that can be used on any timeframe chart to identify key price levels, trendlines, indicators, support & resistance zones, chart breakouts & breakdowns, and more, automatically. But how do you put it to work for you? What’s the best way to work it as a user? We recommend you approach it as a process.