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TrendSpider Strategy Guide: Customizing Your Trendline Settings

In this week’s strategy guide blog post, we tackle head on one of the biggest misconceptions about the TrendSpider platform, which is that the system only shows trendlines that the system is programmed to find. In reality, TrendSpider is a customizable tool and the settings on the system can be completely customizable and configured to look for trendlines however you prefer. As everyone’s trading strategy and technical analysis strategy is a little different, each trader may find their ideal settings to be slightly (or even completely) different than what we show in this video.

TrendSpider User Guide: Changing Color Themes

TrendSpider is happy to announce the introduction of two new background themes for your charting needs. We believe having a variety of background colors gives users the ability to find exactly what fits their style and preferences. Some traders like dark backgrounds while other traders like the clarity of a lighter chart and more color distinction. Some old school traders may like to go back to the “Good Ol’ days” with our blue background chart. Check out how to change the setups below as well as what our new “Light” and “Good Ol’ Days” themed backgrounds look like.

TrendSpider Strategy Guide: Utilizing Lower Indicators and MTFA on Lower Indicators

TrendSpider is happy to announce the availability of lower indicators and will be adding more as time progresses. We believe the addition of these resources will greatly help traders utilize the ability to backtest price vs. indicator action. In this strategy guide blog post, we will show traders how to utilize these correctly on the platform as well as general ways to spot repeating patterns in the market.