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How Do Government Shutdowns Impact the Stock Market? – TrendSpider Blog

Government shutdowns have a significant impact on federal employees, government contractors, and many companies relying on government services. Most shutdowns are resolved within a few days and there’s little impact, but in some cases, shutdowns have lasted more than two weeks. These longer stalemates have become increasingly common since the 1990s with shutdowns during Clinton, Obama, and Trump’s administrations.

Let’s take a look at the impact of government shutdowns on businesses and how the three longest shutdowns have affected stock market returns.

The January Effect and Other Seasonal Stock Market Patterns – TrendSpider Blog

Market technicians use statistics to identify patterns and predict future price movements. While technical indicators are the most popular example of these statistics, technical analysts also examine prices on a longer timeframe to try and identify seasonal stock market patterns.

In this article, we will look at three popular seasonal stock market patterns, examine whether they are still accurate predictors, and discuss how to use them to your advantage when trading.

Sunday Update for Week of 8/13 – Broad Market Analysis Into the Second Half of August

This year has been nothing short of volatile with the broad markets swinging massively both up and down due to a number of factors. One thing is for certain though, this is likely to continue into the rest of the year.  Even though fundamentals are general drivers of the market, these events line up with technical indicators almost perfectly a lot of the time. We will take a look at both the longer and shorter term technical view of some of the broad market ETF’s as well as identify fundamental drivers that may have an impact on price levels for the rest of the summer and into the second half of the year.