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The Interest Rate Effect: What is it? -TrendSpider Blog

Interest rates affect many things, both for businesses and for us all personally. While they may at first seem disconnected, interest rate changes can actually affect markets too. The overall influence of interest rates is known as the interest rate effect, and it is something that we need to understand as traders and investors.

To better understand why fluctuations in interest rates can affect financial markets, and why we should always take potential changes in interest rates into account when looking at markets, we will look at just how they play a part in different aspects of business, and how we can use that.

Sunday Update for Week of 8/13 – Broad Market Analysis Into the Second Half of August

This year has been nothing short of volatile with the broad markets swinging massively both up and down due to a number of factors. One thing is for certain though, this is likely to continue into the rest of the year.  Even though fundamentals are general drivers of the market, these events line up with technical indicators almost perfectly a lot of the time. We will take a look at both the longer and shorter term technical view of some of the broad market ETF’s as well as identify fundamental drivers that may have an impact on price levels for the rest of the summer and into the second half of the year.