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TrendSpider Thursday Analysis: Broad Markets

Every Thursday, we perform an analysis of three tickers that are looking interesting into the end of the trading week. It is important to always remember using multiple time frames is the best approach to seeing the entire picture and in these videos, we use the daily and weekly time frames. Take a look to see how the broad markets are forming into the last trading day of the week! 

Sunday Update for Week of November 12th – A look at Financial Stocks

A prepared trader is a profitable trader, and Sunday is a great day to get ready for the week ahead by studying up from last week’s price action. This weekend, we take a look at financial stocks as the federal reserve announced this week that they would continue to increase interest rates. As interest rates increase, this helps banks and other financial institutions with their margins and income.  

Analyzing Different Stock Trading Patterns – TrendSpider Blog

When the average person thinks of stock trading, they think of someone running around the New York Stock exchange with paper flying all around them. While this used to be somewhat true back before computers took over, it does not describe the entire picture and there is a lot more that goes on behind the scenes. In this blog post, we look at some of the main technical patterns traders look for when trying to look at what to buy and how these influence their decision making.

Sunday Update for Week of 8/13 – Broad Market Analysis Into the Second Half of August

This year has been nothing short of volatile with the broad markets swinging massively both up and down due to a number of factors. One thing is for certain though, this is likely to continue into the rest of the year.  Even though fundamentals are general drivers of the market, these events line up with technical indicators almost perfectly a lot of the time. We will take a look at both the longer and shorter term technical view of some of the broad market ETF’s as well as identify fundamental drivers that may have an impact on price levels for the rest of the summer and into the second half of the year.