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How to Predict Market Pivots with the Death Cross and Golden Cross – TrendSpider Blog

Investors tend to focus more on market fundamentals than technical analysis, but there are a few technical indicators that carry weight across the board. For example, CNBC commonly cites the death cross as a bearish turning point for specific stocks or benchmark indices. These indicators tend to be less frequent than the day-to-day tools used by active traders, but when they occur, they can be a strong indicator of a change in long-term trend.

Let’s take a look at the death cross and its cousin, the golden cross, to see how they can be identified and used by both traders and investors.

TrendSpider Thursday Analysis: Nearing Crucial Channel Resistance

Thursday’s are a great day to get an idea of the overall market direction for the week but also an idea of what the rest of the week may hold into the weekend. As the SPY and other broad market ETF’s seem to have found a bottom, we take a look at FANG stocks to see how these beaten down companies look into mid-January. There were some huge status-quo technical changes to take note of as well as some red flags. See what we mean in this Thursday’s Analysis!

The January Effect and Other Seasonal Stock Market Patterns – TrendSpider Blog

Market technicians use statistics to identify patterns and predict future price movements. While technical indicators are the most popular example of these statistics, technical analysts also examine prices on a longer timeframe to try and identify seasonal stock market patterns.

In this article, we will look at three popular seasonal stock market patterns, examine whether they are still accurate predictors, and discuss how to use them to your advantage when trading.

Sunday Update Week of January 7th – A Volatile Start to 2019

A prepared trader is a generally a profitable trader, and Sunday is a great day to get ready for the week ahead by studying up from last week’s price action.  In this weekend’s analysis, we take a look at the broad markets after the first moves into 2019. After a rather sluggish start, Friday proved that there are some bulls still left in the equation. Will the bullish momentum continue into the rest of the month of January? Check out the charts in this blog to see how they look!