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Category: TrendSpider User Guide

Sunday Chart Show with Nick Giannotti, Founder of BullTradeFinder.Net

In this Sunday Chart Show, we have first-time guest, Nick Giannotti to discuss his trading strategies and how he uses TrendSpider to complement his discretionary technical analysis to be both more accurate and efficient. If you are looking for some cool case studies on the “Anchored Volume-by-Price” and to learn from on real trades that were made, subscribe to view live or get the recording!

Sunday Chart Show with “Market Chameleon”

In this weekend’s chart show, we have guest Market Chameleon on to discuss how they use options to trade in the market. We will also be going over a few different case studies on how Jake uses the TrendSpider platform to trade options as well. If you are interested in learning more about options or different ways to use features on TrendSpider to trade options, check this webinar out!