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Category: TrendSpider User Guide

TrendSpider User Guide: “What is the Fibonacci Sequence?” with Guest Tarek Saab

In this Sunday, October 13th webinar recording, we have guest Tarek Saab, owner of, to join us in exploring the different ways to use Fibonacci levels on the TrendSpider platform as well as different strategies he uses to find measured moves. We will show users how to create alert zones on these levels as well. Don’t miss our first “Fibonacci focused” webinar!

TrendSpider User Guide: “Tracking Breakouts with Raindrop Charts” with Patrick Dunuwila from “TheChartReport”

In this TrendSpider webinar, we have guest Patrick Dunuwila, Editor of “The Chart Report”, join us and show some different ways he looks for breakouts and breakdowns. We also take a look at how to use Raindrops when looking for false breakouts and breakdowns as well as confirmations of a breakout and breakdown.