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TrendSpider Sunday Chart Show with Arun S. Chopra

In this recording from December 22, 2019, Arun S. Chopra, founder of joined us as a first-time guest to discuss the last few days of trading in 2019 and how things are set up into 2020. If you are a current customer or potential customer, this is a great way to see some different use cases for Raindrops(TM), Multi-timeframe analysis (MTFA), Automated Features, and more!

TrendSpider Sunday Chart Show with Steve Burns and Michael Lamothe

Sunday Chart Show

This week we had a great panel discussion with guests Steve Burns, founder of, and Michael Lamothe, founder of In this discussion, we will focus on some of the core aspects of TrendSpider that help both of our guests conduct technical analysis and backtesting strategies. While going over these different features, we will go over the current broad markets and what the charts look like into the end of the year.