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TrendSpider Helps Traders Analyze and Monitor Complex Technical Setups with the Launch of Strategy Tester and Multi-Factor Alerts

Chicago Fintech launches groundbreaking new backtesting and alert capabilities to monitor charts for high-performance trade setups and send real-time alerts.

CHICAGO, Apr. 22, 2019 — TrendSpider, today announced the launch of backtesting capabilities and multi-factor alerts for its cutting-edge automated technical analysis platform.

The Strategy Tester helps active traders instantly backtest the performance of complex technical strategies. For example, active traders can define entry and exit rules based on candlestick patterns or technical indicators and see how the strategy would have performed in the past relative to a benchmark index. Successful strategies can be converted into a multi-factor alert in just a couple of clicks to help traders identify high-probability trading opportunities and potentially generate more consistent returns.

The next big thing from TrendSpider: Announcing F-AI Stock Picks

About one year ago I was trolling my twitter feed when I came across an old article from June of 2013 by Frederick E. Allen at Forbes titled “Cat Beats Professionals at Stock Picking. In this article, Allen tells of an experiment conducted in the UK by The Observer where a house cat named Orlando was pitted against some of the best fund managers in the country for a stock picking contest.

Orlando won. Big.

Why we decided to try to Reimagine and Reinvent the Stock Chart

Reinventing the Stock Chart

I’ve built a lot of startups in my day. My last successful business that I co-founded, SingleHop, focused on automating the deployment and management of cloud infrastructure. It was acquired last year. I’ve also co-founded and sold a website hosting company called midPhase, and founded marketing SaaS platform called Concurra. The one common thread across all my endeavors was automation.

Press Release: TrendSpider Announces Dynamic Chart Monitoring & Price Alerts

CHICAGO, IL — TrendSpider, a Chicago-based Fintech startup announced today that it has launched Dynamic Chart Monitoring & Alerts. With Dynamic Chart Monitoring, traders can instruct TrendSpider to automatically monitor any trendline or indicator for them, and alert them when price touches, breaches or bounces from it. Unlike other price alerts, TrendSpider can follow the waveform of a moving average or the slope of a trendline without manual adjustment of any kind. Set it and forget it.