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Flag the Best Opportunities this 4th of July

Market volatility has been off the charts since March as thousands of retail traders pour back into the market. While volatility can bring a lot of excitement and massive gains, it can be tough to keep emotion in check and you may need to refine your trading strategy.

We built TrendSpider to automate the grunt work associated with technical analysis and level the playing field for retail traders—from marking up charts to scanning for opportunities to backtesting strategies. You can do all of these things and much more without any programming knowledge or experience!

TrendSpider Software Update: Major Strategy Tester Improvements

This week we have taken a major step towards making our Strategy Tester reflect real trading scenarios. Due to these updates, you may notice some changes to the results from backtesting for your existing strategies. However, we believe this upgrade to bring further accuracy when reflecting the return of your specific strategy in a live trading scenario.

This update is live in TrendSpider as of April 25th, 2020, below we will explain what exactly is going to change, and reveals our motivation behind certain changes. Enjoy!

Are You a Doctor, Nurse or First-Responder That Trades?

The COVID-19 crisis has affected all of us in different ways.

Doctors, nurses and first responders are putting themselves at great personal risk to help patients fight the virus; Unemployment claims are rising at the fastest rate in history as workers are laid off across many industries; Most professionals are remotely working from their home rather than an office; Many business owners are in cash preservation mode to stay afloat; And, traders have seen unprecedented volatility in the financial markets.

Like everyone, we want to do anything that we can to support those putting their lives on the line. That’s why, when we were recently contacted by a first responder and part-time trader that wanted to see if there was a discount, we gladly offered him a deal.

Now, we’re making it official for all doctors, nurses, first-responders, police, or others that are on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis!

Simply send us proof of your occupation during the time that the national emergency was declared and we will give you a 50% discount on any of our products for a year. If you are new to TrendSpider, we’ll also give you a super-extended 60-day free trial.

Contact us today to get started!