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TrendSpider User Guide: Anne-Marie Baiynd and Steve Burns; Using the “Strategy Tester”

In this webinar, we were honored to have both Anne-Marie Baiynd of “” and Steve Burns of “” come on and talk about the different strategies they use when trading as well as how they use the”Strategy Tester” and its new features on TrendSpider. If you want to learn more about the “Price Explorer” cloud, make sure to watch this recording!

How to use Offsets in your Alerts or Backtests

TrendSpider now supports offsets in alert and backtest templates. This post will explain how offsets work and when you should use them.

What are offsets?

Offsets allow you to compare events that occurred in the past or in a sequence. This is useful with lagging indicators such as the Ichimoku Cloud’s Chikou Span line which is set-back by 26 candles. Without an offset option, you would not be able to create an accurate signal from this indicator because you would be comparing a past-value against a present-value.

Offsets also allow you to compare events that occurred in sequence, compare conditions which may have been met at different times, together in one alert.