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Author: Justin Kuepper

How to Spot and Trade Reversals with the Evening Star and Abandoned Baby

Most traders are familiar with doji candlestick patterns, which indicate that there’s a lot of indecision in the market. While indecision doesn’t always lead to a reversal, it does suggest that the previous trend is likely losing steam. This can make doji patterns helpful for predicting reversals when combined with other forms of technical analysis.

Let’s take a look at two popular doji patterns, the abandoned baby and the evening star, as well as how to effectively use them to predict reversals.

Should You Sell in May and Go Away?

The arrival of Spring has most of us itching to take a vacation—or as traders say, “sell in May and go away”. Unlike many trading adages, historical data seems to support the theory that stocks underperform in summer. The catch is that past is no guarantee of the future, and sometimes, staying out of the market still results in missed opportunities.

Let’s take a look at the historical data behind the popular trading adage, some potential reasons for these trends and whether you should sell in May.

How to Spot and Trade Engulfings

Candlestick patterns are a great decision support tool for active traders. Bullish and bearish engulfings have an ideal mix of reliability and frequency that makes them a powerful addition to any trader’s repertoire. They can be very helpful for predicting reversals when used in conjunction with other forms of technical analysis.

Let’s take a look at how to find and trade engulfings, as well as some real-life examples of how to use them.

The Ultimate Guide to Candlestick Patterns

Candlestick charts have become the default for most active traders. Unlike line or bar charts, candlestick charts provide five data points (open, high, low, close and change) to help you instantly assess market sentiment. You can also look at combinations of candlesticks to determine changes in market sentiment that could lead to trading opportunities. All traders should have an in-depth understanding of these charts to maximize their odds of success.

In this guide, you will learn how to read candlestick charts and truly understand what they mean and trade some of the most popular candlestick patterns. We will also show you real-life examples of candlestick patterns in action, as well as introduce the research and tools that expert traders use to find opportunities in across many markets.

How to Spot Reversals with the Dragonfly and Gravestone Doji

Candlestick patterns are a great decisions support tool for active traders. While dragonfly and gravestone doji may not be 100% accurate on their own, they can be incredibly useful for confirming a bullish or bearish reversal that’s supported with other technical indicators or chart patterns.

Let’s take a look at how to use both of these important reversal candlestick patterns to improve your trading.