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Author: Brad Ritter

TrendSpider Software Update: Volume By Price Drawing Tool Added

At TrendSpider we are always working on ways to innovate new features, as well as improve upon existing ones. For today’s software update, we are happy to release a brand new drawing tool meant to build off the existing Volume By Price indicator. Introducing … the “Volume By Price” drawing tool, with it, comes the ability to draw volume by price ranges on chart to highlight specific areas of price action.  Enjoy!

TrendSpider Software Update: Automation for Anchored VWAP + Anchored VWAP Enhancements

Today we are happy to announce something big!

With the help of Brian Shannon (creator of Anchored VWAP) from we have greatly expanded our Anchored VWAP based features to include automated anchoring from multiple types of pivot points as well as unique VWAP bands. This is a very big update for us and we hope you enjoy this innovation as much as we will!

Flag the Best Opportunities this 4th of July

Market volatility has been off the charts since March as thousands of retail traders pour back into the market. While volatility can bring a lot of excitement and massive gains, it can be tough to keep emotion in check and you may need to refine your trading strategy.

We built TrendSpider to automate the grunt work associated with technical analysis and level the playing field for retail traders—from marking up charts to scanning for opportunities to backtesting strategies. You can do all of these things and much more without any programming knowledge or experience!