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Author: Dan

Don’t take our word for it. Read what the experts are saying.

We talk a lot about how great TrendSpider is on our website here. That’s normal for any company. We’re super proud of what we have built – no other platform on the market offers the same blend of capabilities that TrendSpider does in one tool – not even the expensive ones. Here are some of the unique capabilities of TrendSpider and what some of the most respected and well known trading websites are saying about us. There is a reason why LiberatedStockTrader gave us the Most Innovative Platform award several years in a row now!

TrendSpider Launches Market Scanner to Empower Traders to Find Actionable Trade Setups Faster and More Efficiently

CHICAGOFeb. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — TrendSpider, a Chicago-based fintech focused on building automated, all-in-one dynamic technical analysis software for active traders, today announced the release of its ground-breaking Market Scanner technology.

The Market Scanner is intended to help active traders filter through the universe of symbols, or a specific watchlist, for securities that meet specific technical requirements. For example, traders can search for any U.S. stocks in the S&P 500 that have experienced a bullish engulfing on the five minute chart that also have a relative strength index (RSI) reading of less than 50 on the daily timeframe. They can then use TrendSpider’s other functions to develop strategies, analyze patterns, compare timeframes, identify support and resistance zones, and create alerts.

TrendSpider Roadmap Update and Community Webinar

Thank you to everyone who attended our Webinar last night. A live replay is available now at this link. Please check it out if you missed it.

One slide that I wanted to share in this blog post from the presentation is our Roadmap. This isn’t exactly set in stone – obviously things will come up, some things will take more time or less time to build, but I wanted to share it here to give the community a clear picture of where we are taking the TrendSpider platform.

If you are a customer already, thank you for your support. You are enabling us to build our vision of changing the world for chartists. If you are not yet a customer, please consider subscribing to support our work.

In the roadmap below, the green box represents work that has been completed, dark grey is “in progress”, and light grey is forward looking.

Thank you again for your interest and support in the TrendSpider project!

Backtesting as a Public Service

A lot of traders have asked me why we decided to implement a backtesting engine in TrendSpider. That’s a great question – because backtesting is an interesting thing, to say the least. Let’s start with a definition:

Backtesting is the process of applying a trading strategy or analytical method to historical data to see how accurately the strategy or method would have predicted actual results. (source)

Webinar on Sunday: Join us for a System Update Webinar

On Sunday, June 16th at 5pm Central Time / 6pm Eastern Time, TrendSpider will be hosting a webinar to discuss the latest additions, improvements, upgrades and changes to the TrendSpider platform. This will include a presentation, a demonstration of some of the new capabilities, and discussion about the future of the platform. While this is aimed primarily at TrendSpider customers, anyone is welcome to attend. There will be a 45 minute presentation, followed by 15-20 minutes of Q&A, as needed.

To register and attend the webinar, please RSVP here.