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Author: Dan

Warning: Scammers and Fake Investment Advisors

The internet can be a scary place. We have recently received reports that scammer impersonators have been using the TrendSpider name on social media to pitch investment scams to innocent customers. Please be aware of the following safety tips:

  • TrendSpider’s official e-mail addresses are on the following domains only:
    • (our parent company is called Niche Theory Holdings, LLC.)
  • TrendSpider staff will:
    • NEVER ask you for money to invest on your behalf
    • NEVER offer any kind of investment advice of any kind
    • NEVER offer to invest on your behalf
    • NEVER recommend assets to buy or sell
    • NEVER contact you via any chat tools other than the live chat on our website (we do NOT use WhatsApp, Skype or any other chat tools to talk to customers)

If someone claims to be from TrendSpider and does any of these things, please report them to us immediately by emailing

Stay safe out there!

TrendSpider’s Policy on Social Media Chart Posting and Chart Requests

It’s truly a humbling experience to be writing this. Reflecting back on the last four years, I am still in awe about how far TrendSpider has come over such a short period of time. I never thought we would have the need for a social media policy—at least not for several more years.

At this time last year, our Twitter account had around 10,000 followers. A few days ago, we crossed the 62,000 mark—that’s well over a 600% increase in just a year! When measured across all social media channels, we can now reach nearly 200,000 people with a single post. That, to us, is both an honor and a matter that deserves serious thought and contemplation to make sure that we are, as they say, doing the right thing.

In the SaaS world, a LOT can change in a few short years. Here’s what’s changed at TrendSpider.

I thought it would be cool to take a look over the last year at what major updates have been made to the TrendSpider platform in that time. It has been a wild ride!

Keep in mind, this list only includes SOME of the updates we have made to the platform. If we had to include every new indicator, every new feature, it would be a much longer list. But these are the highlights that we think matter the most.