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Author: Dan

TrendSpider Software Update: Custom Annotation Drawing Buttons

Hello Everyone! We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving week, a great Black Friday and are getting ready for Cyber Monday’s festivities in a few days! In the meanwhile, we wanted to announce a brand new feature that was just added to the TrendSpider platform today: Custom Annotation Drawing Buttons (Templates.) This is a feature that I wanted to personally announce because it is one that I have been personally waiting for myself for a long time. I categorize this feature in a category I call “quality of life features” because while it is not a huge, massive new capability, it will improve my life and the lives of other traders who use TrendSpider every day in a meaningful and noticeable way.

Introducing $RICH – TrendSpider’s first hip hop single & music video!

A few months ago, I had the crazy idea to produce a hip hop track and music video about the early stages of most new day trader’s journey in the markets. To explore the initial euphoria and over confidence and the ultimate reckoning when reality sets in and the new trader realizes that this just ain’t as easy as he/she thinks. We thought that using music and humor to convey the realities of trading would be an effective way to spread a good message, and give the online trading community a little break from the election and markets.

TrendSpider Recognized As A 2020 Benzinga Fintech Listmaker

NEW YORK — On Oct. 10th, 2020, TrendSpider was named to the Benzinga Global Fintech Listmakers and recognized in the Best Trading Technology list. To honor it’s sixth anniversary, Benzinga is honoring the winners for the advancements they’re making in financial technology in a new and improved way. The official Benzinga Fintech Listmakers are comprised of 250 carefully vetted and renowned companies and executives who are striving to revolutionize the fintech industry. From deeply established companies to the newest startups, this group is impacting sectors like payments, banking, investing, technology and financial literacy.

Warning: Scammers and Fake Investment Advisors

The internet can be a scary place. We have recently received reports that scammer impersonators have been using the TrendSpider name on social media to pitch investment scams to innocent customers. Please be aware of the following safety tips:

  • TrendSpider’s official e-mail addresses are on the following domains only:
    • (our parent company is called Niche Theory Holdings, LLC.)
  • TrendSpider staff will:
    • NEVER ask you for money to invest on your behalf
    • NEVER offer any kind of investment advice of any kind
    • NEVER offer to invest on your behalf
    • NEVER recommend assets to buy or sell
    • NEVER contact you via any chat tools other than the live chat on our website (we do NOT use WhatsApp, Skype or any other chat tools to talk to customers)

If someone claims to be from TrendSpider and does any of these things, please report them to us immediately by emailing

Stay safe out there!