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TrendSpider Software Update: Custom Annotation Drawing Buttons

Hello Everyone! We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving week, a great Black Friday and are getting ready for Cyber Monday’s festivities in a few days! In the meanwhile, we wanted to announce a brand new feature that was just added to the TrendSpider platform today: Custom Annotation Drawing Buttons (Templates.) This is a feature that I wanted to personally announce because it is one that I have been personally waiting for myself for a long time. I categorize this feature in a category I call “quality of life features” because while it is not a huge, massive new capability, it will improve my life and the lives of other traders who use TrendSpider every day in a meaningful and noticeable way.

Jake Wujastyk CMT Association Presentation

To all our TrendSpider friends and family, we are very excited to announce that one of our own, Jake Wujastyk, was invited to present at the CMT Association’s Educational Web Series; held on November 25, 2020. The CMT’s world-renowned reputation for certifying some of the most profitable technical analysts in the industry aligns perfectly with TrendSpider’s mission to help traders navigate the markets in an efficient and risk-averse manner.

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