Why TrendSpider?

Better trading software = better trading outcomes

Product benefits
A smarter, faster, more efficient way to T.A.

TrendSpider puts technical analysis, backtesting, and chart watching on autopilot so you can make faster and more consistent trading decisions - just without the eyestrain, guesswork, and frustration.

Save time and improve accuracy

Stop squinting, guessing, and stressing. Use TrendSpider's automated smart algorithms and cloud-based AI to save you time and frustration by performing objective technical analysis for you. Get on-demand results in seconds on any chart.

Reduce profit-killing mistakes

Analysis mistakes and human errors are one of the leading contributors to poor trading performance. TrendSpider cuts mistakes down by learning your style of analysis, then applying it with mathematical precision every time.

Minimize strategy risk

The strategy that works on one chart might not work on another. Before diving in, use TrendSpider's easy-to-use backtesting engine to test out how your strategy would have worked out in the past.

Find and time trades better

Combine your favorite indicators, timeframes, chart patterns, and more to create 'mega-alerts' designed to detect your ideal setups and trading conditions. No programming. This is how the pros do it.

Never miss an opportunity

Visually select any indicator, trendline or price level of interest, and TrendSpider's cloud-based AI will keep an eye on and let you know when there is a touch, bounce or breakthrough that matches your parameters.

... and do it all your way!

TrendSpider is about helping you make better trading decisions. We're not a proprietary analysis system, we're not a trading guru. We're a tool designed help you crush the markets, your way.

Once you configure TrendSpider, it will follow your rules to a T - 100% of the time, so you can focus on what really matters: moving fast, covering lots of ground, and making smarter, more efficient trading decisions.


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