About TrendSpider technical analysis software

Software that traders actually want to use

By traders, for traders

We are a small company based in Chicago with talented team hyper-focused on one thing: building useful software for traders. We care about usefulness above all else because we are traders, too, and we have to get out there and trade in the markets every day, just like you. Our founder has been trading for over a decade, our CTO and lead developer just as long. As we mentioned, we are not just business people, and startup types. We're traders. Everyone on the team loves the markets and is obsessed with cracking the puzzle. We believe that after 2 years of research and software development, our technology is the closest thing to that available today.

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2028 E. Ben White Blvd. #240-2010
Austin, Texas 78741


Monday to Friday
9am to 5pm Central Time

Phone & e-mail

(833) 5-TRENDS
(833) 587-3637


With TrendSpider I don't have to lose time creating my own trendlines that may be subconsciously bias. You can lie to yourself but TrendSpider will not."

- Albert (Trade group leader)

I’m using this more and more. You have no idea what you have developed here. This is the best software that I have used in over 30 years."

- John (Professional trader)
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