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Beautiful charts • Automated technical analysis • Instant backtesting • Game-changing alerts

TrendSpider chart analysis software is designed to help you make smarter, more efficient trading decisions

Automate your grunt work

Customize and automate the manual technical analysis you would otherwise do by hand - your way, your rules.

Speed up your analysis

Comprehensive, fully automated technical analysis on any chart, on-demand, in under 60 seconds.

Improve your accuracy

Analysis powered by algorithms, formulas and math, not tweets, "expert opinions" or "gut feelings."

Reduce costly analysis mistakes

Remove bias, emotion, social influence, FOMO, and other costly analysis mistakes from your routine.

Find winning chart setups

Automation makes it easier than ever for you to quickly and accurately find actionable chart patterns.

Time your trades with precision

Use algorithms to watch your chart setups for you in real-time to make your trade timing more precise.

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