Supercharge your technical analysis.

Experience the power of automated technical analysis to take your trading to a whole new level.

TrendSpider is an innovative charting platform that makes your analysis (and trading) more consistent

Speed up

Comprehensive, fully automated technical analysis on any chart, on demand, in under 60 seconds.

Improve your

Powered by algorithms, formulas and math, not tweets, "expert opinions" or "gut feelings."

Time your
trades better

Algorithms that watch trendlines and indicators for you to help you time your trades better.

Less painful

Automation makes it easier than ever for you to quickly and accurately find trends in your charts.

Works with
your style

Automate the grunt work you would otherwise have to do by hand - your way using custom parameters.

Reduce expensive
analysis errors

Remove bias, emotion, social influence, FOMO, and other costly analysis mistakes from your routine.

Trusted by over 4,000+ active traders. See what they're saying

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